Jeff and Michele Adams have been entertaining in their home and through music for the last 29 years. They also love to spend a large portion of their free time on the lake.

     Hartwell Marina expressed an interest to them about starting a restaurant and they began planning. Those plans started by joining their home atmosphere, that included a porch and music. Bringing this to a receptive public seemed to be the right thing to do. It has created comradery for people of all ages. Friends, business, and aquaintances have been made. Along with that, many musicians have a fun place to express their love of music.

     Please feel free to join in this unique and cozy atmosphere.



  • Parking- Not only can you come to the Boathouse Grill by your car, but also by boat due to our several dock parking spots.

  • Seasonal Closing- This year, 2019, we have decided to continue our seasonal business as long as our lovely customers continue supporting!

  • Live Music- We have a wide selection of Thurs-Sun 6pm - 9pm. If you are interested in performing, please call us at                706-436-3592 and leave a message. 

  • Open Jam- Every Sunday 1pm - 5pm we hold an open mic event. Bring your instruments, voice, and enjoy your time as we join together to listen to others on stage to make music, and friends. (Everyone is welcome)

  • Delivery Coming Soon- We will soon begin to deliver within a 12 mile radius to government offices, school systems, and offices for orders over $25.